About us


  • 23 years of experience
  • machines in 30 countries across the world
  • more than 500 implemented portal milling machines
  • 200 satisfied customers
  • since 2022 member of YCM Industries Co., Ltd

TRIMILL specializes in the design and manufacture of high-speed machining centers for tool, mold and die machining, as well as for general engineering and the aerospace industry. Our product spectrum includes vertical and horizontal machining centers with travel from (x,y,z) 1,100/1,000/700 mm to 13,500/4,500/1,800 mm in three, five and multi-axis configurations.


Engineering subsoil of the Zlín region: from Baťa to TRIMILL

TRIMILL, a.s., based in the Czech Republic, was founded in 2000 in Zlín, where it could draw on the rich tradition of the region. The Zlín region has traditionally been one of the largest European centres of machine tool production. The tradition of machine tool production dates back to 1903, to the founder of the shoe-manufacturing industry Mr.Tomáš Baťa. Baťa originally only wanted to deal with the production of shoes, but the need for new, more efficient machines and a lack of funds led him to the idea of opening a machine shop in 1903. The possibility of using the base of highly qualified experts continues to this day.

TRIMILL machines quickly achieved a great reputation thanks to their excellent price, performance and reliability ratio. Initially, they were able to establish themselves with great success on the demanding German market and subsequently worldwide. Currently, TRIMILL machines are manufactured by 130 motivated employees in two production plants, in Zlín and Vsetín.
TRIMILL machines are regularly exhibited at international fairs and have already been awarded several times for innovation.


  • We are based on a long machine tool production tradition in our region.
  • We respect an individual approach to each customer, including permanent and high-quality service support.
  • Through research, development and design, we respond to current market requirements such as automation, digitization, Industry 4.0, or demands for ever higher machining speed and precision.
  • We respect the principles of nature protection and sustainability thanks to technical and technological development.
  • By strategically joining with YCM Industries Co., Ltd, we are stronger and closer to our customers around the world.

Environmental policy


The highest value of TRIMILL, a.s. is long-term customer service and customer satisfaction,
while at the same time respecting the environment and its protection. Its achievement is based on
setting the objectives of the Environmental Policy.
The company’s top management guarantees that the entire system is properly maintained and continuously
improved. All the company’s organisation, management and activities are in line with the quality management system
and the environment are fully interlinked, with the main focus being on ensuring a high
quality of the products, solutions and services provided, the management of the company’s human resources and the prevention of
environmental protection. At the same time, the senior management is committed to ensuring that this system is
continuous compliance with the relevant legal and other requirements to which
to which the organisation is committed and which relate to its environmental aspects.
The management of TRIMILL, a.s. is committed to the following principles to maintain and
continuous improvement of the environmental management system:
1. to respect the principles of environmental protection and sustainability through technical and technological
technological and technological development.
2. To set up processes within the company to minimize the negative impacts of its
environmental impact of its operations.
3. To carefully select suppliers of materials and services to ensure quality and
compliance of output products with legal requirements.
4. To comply with applicable legal regulations and legal standards of the Czech Republic, the European Union and
other requirements arising from the needs of all stakeholders related to the protection of
environmental protection.
5. To minimize the number of internal disagreements and customer complaints.
6. Prevent potential non-conformities by implementing preventive measures – improvements.
The top management of TRIMILL, a.s. is committed to creating the necessary human, financial and
material resources to comply with the principles adopted in this Environmental Policy.


Milan Julina


Become our partner

  • Already the basic model series offers a wide range of machines for milling.
  • Your individual requirements will be solved by our team of experienced engineers and designers.
  • We manufacture the key components and cast the static concrete parts of the machines in our own plant in Vsetín.
  • Assembly of machines and milling heads takes place at TRIMILL production facilities in the Czech Republic.