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We focus on the development, construction, assembly, commissioning, sales and service of machine tools primarily designed for the machining of moulds and press tools.

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Unique and environmentaly-friendly solution TRIMILL GOES GREEN

If we compare a conventional machine with an overall cast iron supporting structure and TRIMILL‘s UHPC concrete monoblock with longbeams, TRIMILL saves 56 tons of CO2e. By producing the UHPC concrete in own concrete mixing plant, TRIMILL saves additional 32 tonnes of CO2 by limiting need for shipping. In total, by changing the materials from cast iron to UHPC concrete, 88 tons of CO2 is saved, which corresponds to the annual CO2 absorption of 3,260 mature trees.
Overall, TRIMILL has reduced the carbon footprint of the supporting structure of VFC machine by 73%!

Portal milling machines

The TRIMILL machine range includes vertical and horizontal portal milling machines with travels from (x,y,z) 1,100/1,000/700 mm to 13,500/4,500/1,800 mm in three, five and multi-axis versions.

Service, diagnostics and prevention

High-quality machines must be backed not only by quality customer care, but also by warranty and post-warranty service. We are aware that your work and the operation of the machine cannot be done without quick and effective intervention and putting the machine quickly back into operation. Preventing downtime in production, caused by technical or other defects of milling machines, is therefore an absolute priority for us.

We value your time and your investment, that is why we are ready at any time, i.e. in the shortest possible time, to perform a service intervention that will lead to the quick elimination of problems, not only within the warranty period, but also after the warranty. Maximum customer satisfaction is extremely important to us in all service activities.

It is equally important for us to find out why the defect occurred and what measures can be taken to avoid it in the future. So you can fully concentrate on your work.

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TRIMILL VU 4535 in Germany

Today, we want to share an exciting milestone for one of our esteemed clients alimex GmbH Precision in Aluminium. We have handed over 5-axis portal read more


Every TRIMILL machine is the result of great human effort.

The work of human hands is critical and irreplaceable across all stages of production. An example of a specific and very unique activity in which human hands play a key role is the manual scraping of important functional surfaces of the machine, which significantly increases its long-term accuracy and service life.

The craftsmanship and experience of our workers are solid foundations, thanks to which our customers can be sure of investing in TRIMILL machines.