Milling seminar with AURA and HHa Tools

On Wednesday 17 April 2024, a machining seminar was held at TRIMILL in Vsetín, attended by customers of the Slovak company HHa-Tools. The seminar focused on milling with Aura tools, and participants learned about the entire TRIMILL machine manufacturing process, from the concreting of parts to final assembly and recovery.

The seminar was opened by Radim Julina together with Karel Galatík, who welcomed the participants and introduced our company. Afterwards, the participants moved to the TRIMILL production hall, where they got acquainted with the whole process of TRIMILL machines production. They explained the individual steps of the production process and answered their questions. This was followed by a presentation on milling with Aura tools. In the presentation, the participants learned about the different types of Aura tools, their features and benefits, and how they can be used to achieve optimal milling results.

Practical milling demonstrations were prepared on the VU 3021, VC1810 and VS1614 milling machines, based on what was learned in the seminar.

We thank all participants and look forward to the next meeting.