• The automotive industry, together with the aviation industry, is a dynamically developing industry that uses modern technologies, discovers new procedures and constantly strives for the highest possible efficiency and performance. It forces everyone involved to put hi-tech materials and equipment into practice and to look for new technologies that bring better and better results with long-term high reliability.
  • Since the beginning of TRIMILL, we have focused mainly on applications for the automotive industry, because it is demanding customers in the automotive industry who can appreciate the exceptional design and built of TRIMILL machines with high rigidity, temperature stability and precision.
  • The structures of TRIMILL machines have always been designed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements and needs of customers with tool shops. That is, customers producing injection molds (for bumpers, dashboards, headlights, center tunnels, floor mats, insulating inserts, etc.) and pressing tools in single-piece and small-series production (body parts up to the size of the entire side of a passenger car, doors, hoods , structural and safety parts).
  • The exceptional rigidity of TRIMILL machines also enables highly efficient machining of forging dies.


  • The aviation industry focuses on continuous development in the field of machining new materials that are difficult to machine and requires machines that achieve high levels of precision,
  • TRIMILL machines can be used in the aviation industry for machining any structural parts of aircraft, machining injection or pultrusion molds, power unit components and similar parts.

Die & Mould

  • Die & Mold – the production of injection molds and tools is, in addition to the dynamically developing automotive and aviation industry, another important area with high demand on modern machining technologies, among which are TRIMILL also machines.
  • Molds and tools are used in the production of consumer goods such as white goods, electronics, furniture, packaging, medical devices and appliances, toys, food products, gardening supplies and other areas of everyday life.
  • The design of TRIMILL machines has long been focused on and adapted to customers from the field of tool shops.
  • TRIMILL machines have high rigidity and temperature stability. The materials used help absorb vibrations arising during machining and thus enable high precision and surface quality to be achieved.


  • Energy is a sector experiencing significant development associated with a long-term increase in the consumption of electricity and an intensive effort to change sources for the production of electricity from fossil fuels to renewable sources.
  • The result is also an effort to streamline its current production. Increasing the efficiency of energy sources requires increasing the precision of machining individual components used in current technologies.
  • TRIMILL machines are predestined for use in the energy industry mainly due to their rigidity, temperature stability and high accuracy.
  • Impellers, turbines, steam turbine components, etc. are produced on TRIMILL machines.