TRIMILL teleservice

1. Contact with the customer/operator to identify the problem and to collect as much information as possible 2. On-line connection to the machine tool to complete the diagnosis of the failure 3. Troubleshoot and where possible repair via on-line connection, or 4. Dispatch a member of the TRIMILL Service Team read more


During the General Overhaul, depending on the condition of the machine, we replace or repair the following parts:   linear axis ball screws/racks linear guides sliding and roller covers safety glass for door windows cables, pneumatic and hydraulic lines, temperature stabilization circuit units filters   We perform the following activities: read more

In-depth Service

EXTENDED MAINTENANCE – SERVICE AFTER 12 MONTHS OF OPERATION   Content of maintenance:   Basic maintenance – service after 2.000 hours of machine running measurement of positioning accuracy of linear and rotary axes with a RENISHAW laser interferometer optimization of machine drives measuring/setting machine kinematics development of a protocol of read more

Standard service

STANDARD MAINTENANCE – SERVIS AFTER 12 MONTHS OF OPERATION   Content of the maintenance intervention:   full content of Small Service – Basic maintenance – service after 2.000 hours of operation automatic tool changer check/adjustment control/adjustment of hydraulic pressure check/adjust pneumatic pressure checking the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator (replenishment read more

Small Service

BASIC MAINTENANCE – SERVICE AFTER 2.000 HOURS OF OPERATION   Content of the maintenance intervention: inspection of the machine according to the protocol of the regular service inspection of the machine visual inspection of the machine checking the safety circuits of the machine inspection of energy distribution: electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, read more


BOX-IN-BOX and UHPC The BOX-IN-BOX is a unique system of closed construction of the cross-beam and cross-slide with internally positioned and guided ram unit (axes Y an Z). UHPC is a high strength concrete with excellent properties for vibration damping and thermal stability of machines. UHPC stands for ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE read more

Outsourcing Technological Centre

We offer production capacity for outsourcing on:    1. TRIMILL VU 3021 6-axis machining centre Machined material types tooling steels, including all other grades of steel cast iron non-ferrous metals   Technological possibilities: roughing and finishing of flat and shaped surfaces (3.3 + 2.5-axes continuously) machining in positioning or continuous read more

EU projects

1.”Strengthening of marketing activities for export promotion of specialised CNC machining centres” Description of project/operation: The subject of the project is participation of TRIMILL, a.s. at foreign trade fairs (including printing of promotional marketing materials) to expand marketing and sales activities on foreign markets, with impact on sales promotion for read more


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