Small Service



Content of the maintenance intervention:

  • inspection of the machine according to the protocol of the regular service inspection of the machine
  • visual inspection of the machine
  • checking the safety circuits of the machine
  • inspection of energy distribution: electricity, hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication
  • checking/cleaning the cooling device for temperature stabilization of the spindle and checking the settings
  • check/adjustment of flow monitoring in the temperature stabilization circuit of the spindle
  • check of noise and spindle load in the entire speed range
  • spindle lubrication check – adjustment of output pressures from the lubrication cube (according to the type of spindle used)
  • check/adjustment of spindle clamping rod exit to spindle face (EM value)
  • checking the tightening of the inner screw in the collet
  • checking the clamping force and hydraulic pressure for the spindle clamp
  • inspection and calibration of the workpiece probe
  • instrument probe inspection and calibration
  • checking the active temperature stabilization of the machine (according to the machine configuration)
  • preparation of a protocol of recommended measures/interventions

Exchange of filter inserts and service fluids:

  • exchange of pneumatic filters
  • exchange of hydraulic filter
  • exchange of filter for spindle lubrication
  • exchange of filters in the electrical cabinet
  • exchange of main spindle cooling filter
  • checking / exchange of hydraulic oil
  • checking / exchange of the cooling circuits
  • checking of service life of spindle rotation unit

Time duration: 1 working day