During the General Overhaul, depending on the condition of the machine, we replace or repair the following parts:


  • linear axis ball screws/racks
  • linear guides
  • sliding and roller covers
  • safety glass for door windows
  • cables, pneumatic and hydraulic lines, temperature stabilization circuit
  • units
  • filters


We perform the following activities:


  • measurement and adjustment of machine geometry
  • realignment and regrinding of longitudinal X-axis long beams
  • realignment of the machine work table
  • planing the work table (VC 1810, VC 2314 type machines)
  • spindle inspection
  • inspection of lubrication and hydraulic circuits
  • inspection of pressure tank
  • cleaning of direct measurement (glass scales)
  • tool and workpiece probe calibration
  • adjustment of positioning corrections and machine kinematics
  • optimisation of drives

We will provide you with a specific offer with the scope of work based on our inspection and examination of the machine.