Standard service



Content of the maintenance intervention:


  • full content of Small Service – Basic maintenance – service after 2.000 hours of operation
  • automatic tool changer check/adjustment
  • control/adjustment of hydraulic pressure
  • check/adjust pneumatic pressure
  • checking the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator (replenishment of nitrogen, if necessary, will be carried out as a special service intervention)
  • checking/setting the geometry of the linear axes of the machine according to the protocol
  • checking/setting the geometry of the machine’s rotation axes (according to the machine’s configuration)
  • checking the maximum position deviation of the X, Y, Z axes on the “Mercedes” test piece
  • measurement of circular interpolation with the BALLBAR device from RENISHAW
  • checking/adjusting the load in the gantry axes of the machine
  • checking/setting the milling head exchange point (according to machine configuration)
  • checking the accuracy of the stabilization of the rotary axes (according to the machine configuration)
  • preparation of a protocol of recommended measures/interventions


Time duration: 1-2 working days for 3-axis machine / 2-3 working days for multi-axis machine