Outsourcing Technological Centre

We offer production capacity for outsourcing on: 


1. TRIMILL VU 3021 6-axis machining centre

Machined material types

  • tooling steels, including all other grades of steel
  • cast iron
  • non-ferrous metals


Technological possibilities:

  • roughing and finishing of flat and shaped surfaces (3.3 + 2.5-axes continuously)
  • machining in positioning or continuous mode
  • drilling, precision drilling and tapping
  • other standard operations


Suitable workpiece size:

1800 x 1800 x 800 mm

2.  Waldrich Coburg grinding machine

Grinding large flat surfaces.

Travels: (x/y/z) 9,500/2,300/1,250 mm
Maximum table load 16,000 kg.