VU 3014

  • Rigid 6-axis machine, especially developed for the pressing tools, injection moulds and forging dies
  • 6-axis machining in one set-up achieved with fork-type milling head and rotary table
  • Upper gantry portal machine for high dynamics and accuracy
  • Unique closed design of the cross-beam and cross-slide (box-in-box design) with internal, quadruple-guided, ram-type milling unit (Y- and Z-axis)
  • Constantly perfect cutting results thanks to unique thermo-symmetric design
  • Very compact machine with large working area utilizing minimal floor-space
  • High productivity – roughing and finishing operations in one set-up
  • Ergonomic configuration – easy access to the machine tool interior
  • Superior cost-performance ratio

Technical data

X-axis [mm] 3.000
Y-axis [mm] 1.400
Z-axis [mm] 1.000
Rotary table [°] n x 360
Optional spindle / head
Type T30C
Power (S1/100%) [kW] 40
Power (S6/40%) [kW] 50
Torque (S1/100%) [Nm] 248
Torque (S6/40%) [Nm] 314
Speed [1/min] 12.000
Tool holder HSK - A100
Spindle tilting [°] -100/+100
Head rotation [°] -240/+240
Reinforcement (tilting axes) [Nm] 8.000
Reinforcement (pivot axes) [Nm] 8.000
Positioning step [°] continuous
Clamping surface [mm] 1.800 x 1.800
Workpiece weight [kg] 26.000
Feed rate [mm/min] 40.000
Acceleration [m/s2] 4
Machine weight [kg] 72.700

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