5-axis VR series TRIMILL gantry machines are specially developed for high-speed semi-finishing and finishing milling. The key technical parameters here are in particular the high feed rates (60,000 mm/min) and acceleration (5 m/s2), which are achieved by the use of linear motors and mass-optimised crossbeam.

  • Rigid 5-axis with 2-axis fork-type milling head machine designed for accurate single-piece production
  • Machine includes cast-iron U-shaped base that can be anchored directly on a flat shop floor
  • Stairs with walk-on metal platform for operator is positioned in front of the machine
  • Linear motors in all axes for high dynamics of machining
  • Cooling of all main components is part of standard configuration
  • Rapid feed rates of 60.000 mm/min and 5m/s2 acceleration
  • Upper gantry configuration for high accuracy
  • 4 linear guideways in X axis, 2 in Y and Z axes
  • Highly optimized welded structure of cross-beam and cross-support
  • Stationary work piece for the highest surface qualities
  • Very compact machine with large working area utilizing minimal floor-space
  • High productivity of machining

Technical data

X-axis [mm] 3.000
Y-axis [mm] 2.200
Z-axis [mm] 1.200
Optional spindle / head
Type T15C
Power (S1/100%) [kW] 42 / 50
Power (S6/40%) [kW] 50 / 65
Torque (S1/100%) [Nm] 67 / 96
Torque (S6/40%) [Nm] 84 / 124
Speed [1/min] 24.000 / 15.000
Tool holder HSK-A63 / HSK-A100
Spindle tilting [°] +/-115
Head rotation [°] +/-360
Reinforcement (tilting axes) [Nm] 5.400
Reinforcement (pivot axes) [Nm] 6.120
Positioning step [°] continuous
Optional spindle / head
Type L1C
Power (S1/100%) [kW] 42
Power (S6/40%) [kW] 55
Torque (S1/100%) [Nm] 67
Torque (S6/40%) [Nm] 87
Speed [1/min] 24.000
Tool holder HSK- A63
Spindle tilting [°] +/-100
Head rotation [°] +/-270
Reinforcement (tilting axes) [Nm] 2.000
Reinforcement (pivot axes) [Nm] 4.000
Positioning step [°] continuous
Clamping surface [mm] 3.250 x 3.250
Workpiece weight [kg/m2] 7.000
Feed rate [mm/min] 60.000
Acceleration [m/s2] 6
Machine weight [kg] 70.000

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